pantheon and piazza della RotondaChurch of Gesulargo argentina

The route followed by Ryan as he stalked Bishop Giammo; the blue star shows the location where Ryan and Emily first met. (Click thumbnails to enlarge).


Rome during time of Augustus

A map showing Rome during the time of Augustus; the Pantheon can clearly be seen, highlighted in blue. (Click to enlarge).


Present day RomePresent day RomeVatican Secret ArchivesPresent day RomePresent day RomePresent day RomeJesuit HQPresent day RomeAncient Roman catacombsPresent day RomePresent day Rome

The route followed by Ryan and Emily in their journey through the ancient catacombs in their bid to recover the aureus. From Jesuit Headquarters in Borgo Santo Spirito their route follows a subterranean mahogany-lined corridor.
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