Dr. Atchity masterfully weaves a narrative fabric that marries suspense, impeccable research, an audacious premise, and brilliant writing. The novel's discourse adroitly and breathtakingly unfolds and reveals its fundamental thesis, namely the existence of an Augustinian Christ and the Roman Curia's vigilant guarding at all costs of the Catholic Church's secret. The positing of this argument is developed as the two protagonists, the bright Jesuit Father Ryan McKeown and the indomitable archeology scholar Emily Scelba, are simultaneously and furiously involved in the twofold discovery of truth and romance. I read the book cover-to-cover but with much more fervor than I did the Da Vinci Code. If you like the Classics, Antiquity, Art History, Archeology, World Religions, and a thriller to boot, The Messiah Matrix is for you. If you are Catholic, it is a must-read.

Thierry Boucquey

5.0 out of 5 stars Truly an over-the-top read...Six stars!, June 18, 2012

Author Atchity has crafted a suspense-filled historical novel that comes alive with the turning of each page. The author has a special gift for coupling religious facts and history with the "what if" factor launching us on a magical journey into the past. The well developed characters succeed in convincing us that everything happened as reported leaving us with a whir of possibilities and questions about what really happened. The Messiah Matrix made such an impact on my wife and me that we awakened at 6AM and engaged in a vibrant discussion on the Testimonium Flavianum. No novel has ever had that kind of riveting impact on us! Not the least of which the fact that the author obviously has a grasp of fluent Latin.

Thus making The Messiah Matrix a must read and six stars instead of five. Truly an over the top read!!

Jock Miller

If you like a light-weight book you can half read while watching television, the Messiah Matrix is not for you. If you like a cheap thrills novel, leaving you breathless on every page, this novel is not for you. But for me The Messiah Matrix is a wonderfully crafted, cerebral, mind-expanding novel. This novel brings ancient history to life in a way I have seldom encountered in a lifetime of reading. I can only imagine how long it must have taken to research and write. It is, quite simply, an astonishing literary accomplishment.


5.0 out of 5 stars Wow and more Wow!!!, May 29, 2012

Move over Da Vinci Code! The Messiah Matrix is an amazing novel that will be read and talked about for years to come!


5.0 out of 5 stars Priest + Archaeologist = GREAT BOOK!, June 28, 2012

In a thriller that rivals anything Dan Brown ever wrote, The Messiah Matrix threatens to take all your beliefs and toss them into the wind. This book is amazing! The two main characters of Ryan and Emily are the perfect pair of detectives. Will they be more? You'll have to read the book!  In this tale we have good guys, very bad guys, the Holy Mother Church, good priests and very, very bad priests and one red-headed archaeology professor who, along with one questioning Jesuit and some of his brothers, may be able to solve the conundrum that is The Messiah Matrix. 


5.0 out of 5 stars THE MESSIAH MATRIX ("Rock of 2000 Ages!") June 23, 2012

Ken Atchity has written an absolutely miraculous, ingenious and riveting first novel! Character driven, electric dialogue, mystery, love and intrigue, THE MESSIAH MATRIX is destined to become a classic. Get ready to buy your tickets because this gem of a novel is certainly headed for the big screen. FIVE STARS and a million thumbs up for "Rock of 2000 Ages!"


5.0 out of 5 stars this book deserves A LOT of attention, June 16, 2012

My curiosity about the origins of the Catholic faith was awakened by this novel, which explores Father Ryan McKeown's doubts about the inconsistencies of the story of Jesus in a way that I need to explore further on my own. In a well plotted and deftly interwoven story, he is led to separate the "rules" of the church from the core moral principles beneath all world religions and to realize that human institutions are all too prone to reflect human vices. I hope this book receives the audience attention it deserves. If the people of the world focused on moral behavior instead of religious orthodoxy the wars that greet us every night on the news would disappear.

Jeff Rivera "Bestselling Author" (Miami, Florida United States) 


5.0 out of 5 stars A stiff shake to preconceptions, June 12, 2012

Far more sophisticated than the DaVinci Code, which I can at best vaguely recall, Ken Atchity's book is one that will stick in my mind forever. Brave in taking on the Vatican, plausible because the author is a master of classical history, inspirational because Atchity points to the god within us all, The Messiah Matrix is not for the faint of heart or weak of mind. Every Christian should read it to experience a good shaking of their preconceptions.

T. Stern (Los Angeles, CA USA) 

5.0 out of 5 stars A great read!, May 25, 2012

Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, prepare to have your world rocked by this masterful yarn of intrigue, suspense and betrayal! The Messiah Matrix will simultaneously glue you to the page and feed your intellect--a rare treat for those who like to learn something from their entertainment. The story keeps you guessing and adroitly avoids predictability. Best of all, rather than merely relating a story, Dr. Atchity immerses you in the unfolding suspense. Your body tenses when the heroes struggle through a subterranean labyrinth and your fingers curl in anger when they're betrayed. The locations are described so authentically one sees the piazza in Rome and the waves lapping against the diving barge off the coast of Caesarea. Dr. Atchity's reinterpretation of the birth of Christianity is as compelling as it is disturbing, the perfect combination for a thriller unlike any you've ever read.

C. Wayne Dawson (Georgetown, TX)

5.0 out of 5 stars Thought-Provoking Thriller !, May 20, 2012

Why not be entertained and stimulate thought simultaneously? You can enjoy both through this "can't put it down" historical thriller, filled with every aspect a well written story should contain. Who doesn't enjoy a little intrigue, a little action, a little romance, even a touch of murder! This story has it all to keep you on the edge of your seat. That said, lets look at an angle so often missing in our entertainment in these days of "mediocrity". Let us question ideas long held as "truths". When asked, "Who would you like to spend an evening with in conversation?" After this read, Dr. Atchity is definitely at the top of my list. Endless days could be spent in discussion on just a minuscule percentage of aspects revealed in this well researched novel. Don't cut yourself short and skip this title. I personally can't wait for the sequel and the block buster movie!


5.0 out of 5 stars A Stupendous Conception, June 21, 2012

Another reviewer (Norman in Reno, NV) notes, "You don't have to be a scholar to follow the literary plot." This is true, but only a formidable scholar could have written it! Ken Atchity has an outstanding piece of work here. The text is masterfully crafted and nicely paced, with a near-perfect balance between the beautiful descriptive passages and the dialogue. The characters are powerful and sympathetic, yet at the same time quite realistic. Moreover, Atchity maintains the suspense throughout - right up to the final scene. While I cannot imagine a sequel, perhaps there is one brewing. Comparisons have been drawn between this work and "The Da Vinci Code," by Dan Brown. If anything, Atchity's novel presents and develops a far more intriguing and original idea.

Bottom line: This is a most exciting read with one "cliff-hanger" after another. It is also a stupendous conception. Bravo!


I almost never use the word "awesome" since it has found a place in the common language of pop culture thereby losing most of its weight as a fine way to express an emotion of wonder and reverence. However, having finished reading The Messiah Matrix I find that I am in AWE of this achievement. The expanse of Atchity's knowledge and information and the skill with which he doles it out in the guise of a tight tale commands respect and admiration. He is the perfect blend of scholar and story teller. He put me under water and wedged me into places that caused me to quit breathing. He addresses universal questions of faith and religious beliefs that we all harbor no matter how profound our convictions. You will be provoked to think...as you turn the pages to discover what happens next. BRAVO ATCHITY!

Alex Cord, author of A FEATHER IN THE RAIN

An ancient coin serves to create a snowball effect tying together ancient Rome to the creation of modern Christianity. When a curious Jesuit priest and a beautiful archeologist discover the coin has a link to the origin of Christ, they find themselves marked for death and the Vatican is shaken to its very core.

This is a wonderfully crafted book, very rich in history and is a provocative, fast-paced read. The analogy to Dan Brown is an apt one (the characters and history in Atchity's book are richer) but with a bit of Clive Cussler thrown in: an ancient treasure and mystery shakes the word centuries later. It's a combination that few other than Dr. Atchity could pull off: an accomplished historian and academician who has built an international reputation developing writers and writing. Well done, Dr. Atchity, and I look forward to your next work!

Shines 177-- Alaska

Very much in the vein of Dan Brown, but every bit (or more) intelligently written and certainly gripping. I bought this on special offer at 77p. and see it is now at £3.25, well having read it I would gladly have paid the current price (and I am not keen on paying as much as half the price of a paperback for any ebook, that you can't lend to others or resell or give away, so that is a real compliment!). The story fluctuates between the 'current time', the first century BC with Emperor Augustus, and the fourth century AD with Constantine. The author manages to impart a considerable amount of Roman Empire history but in small enough portions to keep the reader focused on what is needed to progress the story. The author obviously has huge knowledge of his subject and of the various locations in which the story takes the principal characters, and he shares this with the reader beautifully. If you have enjoyed Dan Brown's various offerings then you are certain to like this exciting read.


I must admit, I'm a snob when it comes to reading historical novels. After reading the author's incredible credentials, I decided to give it a go. I was impressed. The author's knowledge and education quenches the thirst of those like me who want to walk away from a book with a new outlook on a historical event or time, a feeling that I learned about the period or topic, and a sense of satisfaction for having dedicated my time - this book did it all! Keep writing Dr. Atchity. Use your knowledge, education and experience for good! The thrill drove the book along so I never felt bogged down by historical detail or references.

Laurie A. Dressman

An amazing fictionalization of what seems like a very real possibility. An exploration of faith, and its roots. A perfect read for 2012, and this great universal time of transformation. Let the word spread, this is a great book, and an even greater theory on the origins of our religions, and the future of our faith.

Doubler Expresso

Kenneth Atchity is an amazing writer and a creative genius. His writing is spellbinding and I was hooked on this story from the prologue. Do yourself a favor and embark on a literary adventure with The Messiah Matrix. You will NOT want to miss this one!

Street Expert

This book entirely changed my view of the beginning of Christianity, making me realize our faith was even more powerful than before because of how it originated. Father Ryan McKeown went into his quest with my state of mind, and was as surprised as I was by what he learned. If you've ever wondered what really happened back then, this novel will give you food for thought.


Entertaining and thought-provoking thriller explores the historical origins of Christianity, challenging the most fundamental assumptions of the Church. Beware ye of little faith--the final denouement will blow you away--makes "Da Vinci Code" look like child's play.

David Angsten

I have already read this brilliant, beautifully written book twice. The Messiah Matrix merits a third read,then a permanent place on my Kindle bookshelf . The story is so multi- layered,I wanted to make sure I hadn't haven't missed any nuances in this thrilling, sometimes frightening adventure which leads to a monumental historical revelation--all intertwined with a forbidden romance. Although the novel is set in present day Rome, Vatican City and Israel, the author cleverly and elegantly sweeps the reader back to the time of the Emperor Augustus and the far reaches of the Roman Empire. Dr.Atchity, a former professor of world literature has published books on the Classics and on the art and craft of writing. Besides being a scholar and a genius, he is also a gifted story-teller. The Messiah Matrix will undoubtedly become as talked about and as controversial as The Da Vinci Code--perhaps even more so. And it will certainly make a better movie!

Terry Stanfill

Here is how I spent Mother's Day - I left all the kids (OK, so they are all four legged, but they still count, right??) to fend for themselves, had coffee in bed and cracked open The Messiah Matrix on my Kindle. Then I did not get out of bed untill 4:30 PM when I had finished it. I have always enjoyed the whole mystery surrounding Jesus and the many different theories in that regard, so have read alot about that, but this was a new idea and I found it fascinating. This was a page turner and an excellent excuse to spend a day in bed :-)

Susannah Cord

I was not alone in devouring the Da Vinci Code, and it looks like I won't be alone in my fascination with the intriguing questions Atchity's "Messiah Matrix" provokes. I loved that he buries historical fact that must have been painstaking to research, in a fictional story with twists, turns, and romance - much more palatable.

If you're like me, just take a read of the confession in the first chapter and you'll want to read the entire book. Not only that, because of all of the work Mr. Atchity put into uncovering the truths of Christianity's roots, I was actually able to hold my own when I recently went back home for a family visit. Once again, my family got into a discussion about the Bible, Christianity, etc., because my sister is considering converting to Judaism for her fiancé. I had always argued that so many had altered what was originally in the Bible to control the people, and to lessen the role and importance of women in the religion, as compared to other religions. Now, I was actually able to intelligently discuss (and even quote and attribute to credible sources), the more plausible beginnings of the religion without assaulting my family's beliefs. I'm sure there was a hike in book sales after that weekend! As with the Da Vinci Code, I'm looking forward to the sequel.


This fast paced historical thriller immediately draws the reader in from its exciting opening pages into a provocative mystery with a hint of forbidden romance. The added richness of details about the cities, the food, antiquities and religious
practices past and present make this a mesmerizing read! Its thought-provoking premise keeps you reading with anticipation right until the end. Great Beach and/or Plane Ride book!

Avid Reader

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. No doubt there will be many comparisons to the "Da Vinci Code" and it does follow along the same sort of premise - i.e. couple discover hidden truths and endeavour to tell the world whilst on the run. However, I found this story much more believable and easier to buy in to than Dan Brown's novel. This author has clearly researched the topic to great depths and comes across as being quite the expert on ancient symbols and mythology etc. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and there were lots of points that got me questioning what I thought I already knew about Christianity. I also found myself wanting to know more about the author's background research and the basis for him writing this book. All in all, I would recommend this read to anyone who likes a good traditional adventure/conspiracy story. I found it was well written and in parts just couldn't put it down for wanting to know what happens next! there was a lot of information about ancient gods, myths and traditions and I felt I actually learnt at lot as well. I found the main characters very easy to like and their personal "demons" that come up about religion, morality and spirituality were easily related to. I would like to see them both in another adventure!


The Messiah Matrix is now at the top of my all-time favorite reads list. I was captivated from the first page all the way through to the satisfying end. It touches
on a topic close to my heart, the origins of Christianity, yet maintains the fast pace expected of a contemporary thriller. It is enjoyable on many levels: first a well-researched historical drama that reveals fascinating aspects of Christian history; it provides colorful imagery of the ancient Roman Empire as well as modern-day Rome and the characters are true-to-life and believable, portraying how highly-ranked religious officials can become misguided. The author also explores a stimulating
connection between a celibate Jesuit priest and a female archeologist, laying bare a sensitive issue that few other writers have dared cover. Most importantly The
Messiah Matrix
is chock full of edge-of-your seat intrigue! Dr. Atchity is a truly gifted
writer with the ability to deliver an outstanding thriller while bringing to life once-hidden aspects of history. I highly recommend this book to all who like to gain knowledge while being highly entertained.


This page-turner captivated me and for the right reasons. It is well written and fulfills its essential nfunctions. Well-researched and display a wide array of facets interwoven in a credible manner that the story comes out true to life. The Messiah Matrix and Disciples of Fortune are for now a the front list of my historical novels for their insight, information and other things. All I can say is that this is a well written work with a gripping plot, awesome characterization, beautiful dialogue and absorbing setting.


If you thought Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" was the stuff of legend, wait until you read this gripping tour de force by Dr. Kenneth Atchity. The Messiah Matrix is incendiary. From the opening sentence, to the final, printed word, the action, suspense, and romance leap like flames from the pages, and there is little the reader can do to escape the heat. "The Messiah Matrix" combines crafty story-telling with scholarly research, in order to give the reader an experience that spans centuries, and defies all geographical bounds. The Vatican has a secret it will do anything to hide, resorting to clandestine murder plots, and unassailable strategies of war. At the helm, are two learned scholars (a priest and an anthropologist) who are summoned - seemingly by fate - to unearth this historical, life-altering piece of classified intelligence, while at the same time battling every obstacle that comes their way, including their growing passion and love for each other (which tends to complicate things at times). Simply put, Atchity has written a classic that will stand the test of time, primarily because of the questions raised by the story's premise... questions that will force the most ardent believer to cross-examine the precepts upon which his faith is rooted.

James Pierre

An enjoyable fast moving read that is well researched. I found myself wondering how much is fact, how much is fiction. I like the style that moved backwards and forwards through 2000 years as it gives you a different insight into history in the making, and then the long term effects.  The content is thought-provoking and there were times when I found myself pondering about the content in between having time to read. I also think this novel taught me much about the institution of the church (much of which I already suspected) and I was intrigued enough to look into the biography of the author to find out which angle he was coming from. A good absorbing read ~ along the lines of a Dan Brown book (although I hate to compare).

Jan Marshall

Jasius? Who or what is it? All Google has to offer is a two-tailed butterfly or the ring finger. Say it again. Jasius. It has the sound of something strange, yet strangely familiar. Something or someone we all know, yet infinitely beyond our comprehension. Kenneth John Atchity's The Messiah Matrix explores the mystery in a fast-paced, light-hearted novel that is at the same time profoundly disturbing. The story goes forward at three levels. At the top, a rousing twenty-first century adventure that moves from the wrecks littering the floor of the Mediterranean to the corridors of the Vatican. Below that, a carbon-dated epigraphic revisionist history of the first centuries BCE and CE. And, at the deepest level, a sympathetic, fair-minded rational re-examination of "the greatest story ever told." You may applaud, dispute, chortle, weep, but you will think about this book long after the final page.

Benedict Freedman, former professor of Mathematics at Occidental College, author of Mrs. Mike.

A wonderful novel, I read it in a matter of days, a great page turner! I loved the mystery and intrigue, the exciting "spanners in the works" and the thrilling near-death experiences. I really engaged in the plot and characters and I will definitely read it again to get a better feel for the academic aspects of the novel and to evaluate the implications for Christianity.

H.V., Sheffield, England.
(For US readers, for "spanners", read wrenches).

The Messiah Matrix is a fast-moving and absorbing read. It tackles the subject of the rise of Christianity, which has always had a degree of controversy regarding the historical period around 1AD. The novel very cleverly closes the loop and finds a satisfactory resolution to the historical anomalies surrounding the Messiah and the Holy Roman Empire. For anyone with an enquiring mind or simply looking for an exciting novel, this is a "must read"!

T.M., Edinburgh, Scotland.

That I read this novel in only three days tells its own story, I couldn't put it down! There's action right from the first page and it rarely relents throughout the entire adventure. The historical, religious and, at times, controversial content, is presented in plain English so I learned a lot about the origins of Christianity and didn't need any prior knowledge of the subject to enjoy the book, as I most thoroughly did. Whilst I certainly found those parts of the story fascinating, The Messiah Matrix is first and foremost a jolly good read.

J.R., Newcastle, England.

This fast moving action-packed book hits the ground running. It maintains its considerable momentum as the clever storyline weaves its intricate way around the thought-provoking and challenging theme with its many twists and turns, thrills, spills and powerful flavour of romance. The writing is excellent, the research impressive and in-depth, and the descriptions of places and people vivid and vibrant. A most enjoyable book of substance and depth.

W.T.,Birmingham, England.

The Messiah Matrix deserves to be showered with awards and I truly hope it is. I can't recall reading a novel that has ever given me greater pleasure. This book has everything I love in a novel: A great story, romance, believable characters, wonderful settings, unpredictability and a satisfying and happy ending.  I also love a book that makes me think and this one is the Daddy of them all! The author must have researched the historical aspects for years to be able to present the back-story of Christianity in such fabulous and illuminating detail. I can't stop thinking about it.  For me there has always been something that didn't stack up about the Biblical account of Jesus. Now I know why. The book blurb calls it a 'literary masterpiece,' I don't think that is an exaggeration; the story is multilayered and the writing style masterful. This book must be read by the whole world and I will certainly spread the word.

S.O.T., England

I found it much more interesting and exciting than the Da Vinci Code. Couldn't put it down. It has a great story line. I would read it again.